Managing photos online

Any recommendations for the efficient management of photos online in the OERu tech environment?

Hi @jim.taylor

At the OERu, as an open organisation, we do not prescribe or recommend technology solutions respecting freedom of learner choice. There are many services for hosting your images online - but OERu learners should always review the terms of service before committing to any “free” service online. The OERu’s Digital Citizenship micro-course will help you in evaluating the pros and cons of “free” online services.

Some OERu courses require learners to share images they have created. The following guidelines will help:

  1. Always keep a local copy and backup of your images
  2. Carefully study the terms of service of any online service you choose to use for managing photos online.
  3. Your personal course blog, which you manage and maintain, is a good alternative to upload and share images. Remember to tag or label your blog post with the relevant course code if you would like your post to be harvested for the course feed.
  4. In OERu courses which encourage you to share images, like the LiDA101 photo challenge you can upload and share photos using using the designated hashtag (e.g. #lida101photo)