Mastodon Confirmation

If I try to log in to Mastodon, it says that my “email address is already taken.” When I try to sign up, it doesn’t send me an email confirmation. Any advise?

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Hello @bartleby, it looks like there was a problem with the subsystem of our Mastodon which sends out emails - many thanks for bringing it to our attention. It’s now running again (and I’ve also upgraded our Mastodon instance to the latest version). Please attempt to log in again… if your email is “already taken” it suggests that you have already successfully created an account. It’s quite possible that you’ve also recently received an email from the site, so please check that before trying to create another account. Thanks!

Hello @oeruadmin,

I am currently running my on Mastodon Instance on my private VPS and am having the same issues of getting a email confirmation to activate an account signup.

My questions is how did you fix this issue?

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We’ve configured ours to use an “authenticating SMTP account” for sending outgoing email, configured in the .env.production file in the Mastodon root directory. That’s the standard approach, I believe. We currently happen to use Amazon’s Simple Email Service for that, but you could use any number of other SMTP services for it…

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