Module 1 Forum Discussion

What is your view makes computer-mediated communications unique from a teaching perspective or is it just old wine in new bottles?

To be brief, computer-mediated communication (CMC) was and is the most fundamental tool in communication, and is now evident we need it more than ever. CMC involves the usage of two or more electronic devices to communicate.

How would you implement the learning activities in both synchronous and asynchronous environments?

Learning activities through synchronous and asynchronous were applied mainly on zoom and google classroom during the lockdown for the continuous flow of education with my class. I used to conduct zoom sessions, and activities were downloaded in google classroom in case they want to refer to it later.

What strategies will you use to maintain your teaching presence throughout the course?
The first thing I will try to do is to be present at all times during the class, secondly to give clear instructions for students to be guided correctly and clearly.