NZEXT102 Annotation as collaboration

Share some thoughts of how you might use web annotation as a collaborative activity, or share different ways in which you already use tools like

Remember, too, that comments on Google docs (or similar) are a form of annotation, as are things like Vialogues for annotating / discussing video.

Have a look at what others are sharing, and see if you can build on their ideas.

I have created a Private Group for this Module, called ‘NZEXT102’. Please follow the link to join:

My web annotation journey has already successfully generated a collaborative response. I can see how this approach can be used: Publicly it would enable anyone with ‘’ installed and open to respond to comments made, and thus start a (hopefully) interesting dialogue, and privately (e.g. via NZEXT102 Private Group) it might be used between colleagues when analyzing, say, a piece of research.
In either case, connections can be made or reinforced with others who have similar interests, evidenced by the fact that everyone was reading the same article.