NZEXT105 Short videos on SoTL (Brock University)

Brock University has recently created a series of engaging animated YouTube videos on the topic of SoTL, available in this Ontario Extend Playlist. Each video is short - typically around 2 minutes in length.

In this forum, share your thoughts on these videos, and see what others are saying. Which video resonated with you the most and why? Would you recommend it to a colleague? Why/why not?

For me, the video that resonated the most regarding SoTL was #4, ‘Processes vs Outcomes’. In the video’s example, the Outcome was ‘Learning from the Mistake’. However, the Process of investigation was shown to be incredibly valuable to the Teachers. Factors like: ‘How they thought about the mistake’, ‘The self-talk around the mistake’ and ‘How the circumstances / environment increased / decreased the likelihood of them learning from the mistake’ were considered.
Another aspect I took from the same video was that if the outcome is not the most important thing then what transpires can be viewed without ‘fear’ (my interpretation, based on Gary Poole’s quote, “If you’re not completely outcome dependent, then you don’t get nervous about your results”
This video also resonates with me on another level. I view the Master of Professional Practice (MPP) study that I am undertaking as a learning journey and a scholarly inquiry into a topic that genuinely interests me. Any formal recognition I gain from having navigated my path, to MY satisfaction, is of little consequence to me. In the MPP Forum, of which I am a member, there are several others who feel similarly as I. therefore, I would be happy to recommend this particular video to them.