NZEXT105 SoTL project ideas and discussion

As you work through the steps of outlining and developing your research plan for a SoTL project of your choice, consider using this discussion forum to share ideas and ask for others’ thoughts and experiences.

Other Support Tools for SoTL Research

I like both sites linked in the ‘Other tools to support SoTL research’ section. UBC provides examples whilst Glasgow has an excellent ‘how to’, including excellent questions the answers to which will help frame the Project.

My first result in my search for SoTL support resources was from the Vanderbilt University Center [sic] for Teaching. I discovered that the SoTL help was developed by Nancy Chick, previously featured in one of this Module’s videos, and mentioned by Dr Gary Poole ( Unfortunately, the SoTL Research Guide ( is not available to me.

My next result was from the Belmont Teaching Center [sic] ( I immediately recognised the video on the landing page! :blush: By following a couple of the links from that landing page, I discovered…

…Indiana University’s Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning ( I tried, and succeeded, in down loading the April 2020 Issue of the Journal ( so I am encouraged that other Issues will be equally available freely.

I then searched for a NZ context and found it in ‘AKO’ with a downloadable pdf: This includes a section entitled, ‘SoTL in the Context of New Zealand Tertiary Education’.

Also, because I specifically went looking, I found a pdf copy of Otago Polytechnic’s ‘Scope December 2018’ ( where Oonagh McGirr (now Capable NZ HoS) has referred to SoTL in her Article, “On Capability-building for Continuous Improvement: Positioning Learning and Teaching Professional Development at Otago Polytechnic”

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From NZEXT105 Activity 4, I have reached a point where some constructive feedback would be helpful for me to develop my SoTL Plan further. I therefore have uploaded my DRAFT Plan as it currently stands and invite others to provide their insights on how it may be improved and / or developed from here. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @GrahamP, is this document online by any chance, please? Would you be happy to share the link to it? (Might be easier to comment on particular points that way :slight_smile: ) Thank you!