Online learning in Rural Schools

Is this really practical to have online learning in rural?
Iam asking this because most rural places in Fiji do not even have network


Online learning in rural schools will not be successful because most of the people in rural areas don’t have resources to access to online classes.

Good day.
Actually I teach in rural school and I see that there is network issue and parents are not well off to afford electronic gagettes to their children.

My school is based in rural setup and there is always network issue.

Thank you for that question Mr Deo. I think Online learning in rural schools will not be successful due to lack of resources and access to Networks.

Interesting and valid point. In a perfect world, nothing is impossible. I would like to be optimistic and believe that with more support from our internet service providers, this will be an issue that hopefully will be an issue ‘of the past’ in the next few years. Online learning is here to stay and we need all hands on board.

Online learning may not be successful because of poor network coverage and also the lack of resources to available to students and a contributing factor too would be lack of knowledge for some teachers who are not used to advanced technology.(jist something I picked up while visiting some rural schools.)

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Am teaching in rural school and have been conducting online classes. There are days when most students are not able to come online as there are connection issues. So feel online classes are not suitable for rural school.

Agree with you as there are connection issues in rural school and most students are not having electronic gagettes.