Policy Issues Learning Activity 1

Policy is a guideline or set of standards that provides directions for those who are in power or in control. It can be meaningful if properly understood and grasped at grassroots level by implementing it through discussion forums or panels, debate etc. It is meaningless however when people do not understand the purpose of which it was made for.

Yes, policy can be understood as guidelines, and you can see how important it is to provide guidelines in educational matters. Apart from providing guidelines to be followed in implementing an educational initiative, sometimes policy also shows commitment by authorities to an educational aspect.
You mention a very important point - the importance for actors to understand policy. So, policy dissemination or advocacy is just as important as policy development. Unless stakeholders understand the policy, they may not buy into the policy and this has implications on implementation. However, there are many other factors that affect policy implementation, think of them and share with peers in this Forum.

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A policy is a set of procedures that provide instruction on how to respond to certain issues and situations. This is commonly used in a lot of companies and organizations that deal with all sorts of people. A policy is helpful in providing people with guidelines for making decisions.

A policy is a set of instruction that guides us to respond on certain issues and behavioursThis is mostly used in work places as guide inorder for things to be implemented properly with proper guidelines inorder to achive the outcome