Policy Issues Learning Activity 2

  1. I have read our National Policy on Open Educational Resources
  2. Quick review of the policy:
  • Policy makers are the Fiji Higher Education Commission

  • Purpose of the policy is to provide direction in the use of open educational resources (hereinafter referred to as OER) to increase access and support quality learning and teaching in Fiji’s education and training system. In doing so, the policy seeks to strengthen commitment to OER by all concerned including the government.

  • I am puzzled however on how this OER will be unpacked to suit children’s level of understanding at ECE’s level/Primary and Secondary school level education. How can it be used at those level to facilitate the teaching and learning process?

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Well done for identifying a particular policy in your context and for articulating its purpose. Let’s see how your peers on this course respond to your last point on how OER can be used at low levels of the schooling system to facilitate teaching and learning. This is an interesting topic on which i would like to pose a question for course participants to consider: Are OER appropriate only for certain levels of education or can they be used at any level?

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It is an interesting question posed about OER of how it can be used at any levels of the schooling system to facilitate teaching and learning. I agreed that OER can be used at any levels of the schooling system because it is efficient and cost effective to use. However, it is important in a Policy to clarify that OER must be integrated as part of the ODL curriculum, must be relevant and suitable to the learners’ level of education - at ECCE, Primary and Secondary School levels. That is a Policy must provide a guideline that clearly state an appropriate and flexible modalities of teaching and learning using OER at each schooling level. This will help the teachers who teach at ECCE, Primary and Secondary to understand of how to facilitate the teaching and learning of students according to their schooling level.

In other words, in the designing of OER by experts, the OER must be designed and sorted out or classified by school age groups and by schooling level ( ECCE, Primary and Secondary School). This will be easier for the teachers to identify what or which teaching and learning resources to use that best fit to students at each level of schooling.

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I think the issue of primary/secondary level children need some level of ICT competency and availability of the ICT resources. I equally think, it is meant for adults though this is my personal thinking …

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I would disagree since todays modern era technology is evolving and everyday new ideas and developments are made. The younger generation of today need technology so that are aware and are able to experience it with freedom irrespective of their age, gender or nationality. Our time for usage of computers is behind todays technology advancements. This is the time of this generation and we need to accept them and move on. All we have to do is help them and assist them in whatever way we can. Share our experiences and ideas so that they endure and adapt to this modern way of teaching and learning.

Certainly, there are controversies in this OER policy. Considering the digital resources in primary education, the children are not introduced to ICT till late stages of primary education. How could it be possible for students to access OER and enhance their learning capacities?