Policy Issues Learning Activity 3

  1. Give examples of educational issues that need to be regulated by policy
  • School Funding
  • Discipline
  • Use of ICT in education
    a. School Funding can be accessed through government subsidies, ministry budget allocation and community fundraising of parents associations, mother’s club, community awareness programmes etc.
    b. Discipline can be dealt in a more reliable way with the proper tone and approach. Matters can be dealt confidentially without others knowing to avoid emotional and social impacts on the child.
    c. Use of ICT in education must be promoted at all costs to help facilitate the teaching and learning process especially schools that are far from urban areas.
    I would highly recommend the following in my school. Please feel free to comment or share your ideas from your school or institution?

Excellent examples of educational issues that need to be regulated by policy. You are correct that it is important to have a policy on finding of education. In fact, in many countries and even schools, regulating funding of education is one of the factors that promote access
Equally important is protecting the interests of both educators and learners by regulating how discipline is managed.
Where there is a policy (or policies) on use of ICTs, there is likely to be better integration of appropriate technology in teaching and learning.


Curriculum and Pedagogy need to be fundamentally regulated. The system, methodology of Teaching be it Inclusive Teaching and Learning or Teacher Centered or Learner Centered Education require proper mainstreaming in the Policy.

The Use of ICT also require legal frame for use of OER — Open Educational Resources vis a vis the Digital Ecosystem which replete with vulnerabilities that could be antithetical to Education.

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The policy issues you talked on funding and ICT are alright, but that of discipline is not always handled confidentially. most times it needs to be handled openly so that when other see or understand the consequence, they may not like to be victims of whatever circumstance. Likely equally, some issues need to be handled confidentially in the case of first warning or as the case may be.

Broadband issues and internet costs should also be considered.

Todays modern society the rights of every human being is paramount. With that been said children’s rights have also been declared by human rights convention supported by stakeholders, organizations, institutions and multinational corporate bodies that exist in every part of the globe today. So when I mentioned the tone and approach I am basing my views from the rights of the child today. To make an example out of them when dealing with discipline is a same as emotionally abusing them, creating embarrassment and lowering the self esteem of a child. In our country we do not tolerate this because it only leads to more problems for the child. That is why when dealing with child discipline be careful with your tone and approach. Deal the matter with a great sense of humor.

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Yes ICT has to be integrated since children need exposure to technology.
Managing discipline is always an issue since children have rights and they are aware that they can inform relevant authorities if treated inappropriately. So teachers cannot do much but to provide counseling.