Policy Issues Learning Activity 6

Quality is a standard that is measured over a set or given period of time. I will focus on two key elements that our school targets and works towards every year. One is quality results in Academic achievement and quality results in Sports. Let us begin:

  1. Academic (Examination Results)
    *Passing Points whereby students must pass English with their remaining major subjects
    *Contact Time is empowered by giving extra teaching classes in the morning, afternoon, night or during the weekend
    *Resources are implemented to empower the teaching and learning process

  2. Sports (Achievements)
    *Correct training methods and techniques are observed
    *Monitoring and tracking athletes performance from time to time

At the end of every year, a review is done as well at the beginning of a schoolyear. The review focuses on results and achievements made so far in Academic and Sports. These points are carried over to the next year for improvements of quality results.