Teaching - Profession or Vocation?

Teaching is often reffered to as a noble profession. Noble in the sense that as teachers or educators, we lead by example especially in regards to the common society values we believe in.
Little do our communities know, that teaching is also a vocation. The most satisfying thing in this world is to see a student understand the concepts taught…that can only be felt by teachers who have a passion for what they do.

Teaching is both a profession and a vocation or a mission. Every teacher has its own distinctive mission, dedication, or objective that need to accomplish.

@anasaravudi I agree with you that teaching is a noble profession. Long periods of preparation and professional development is required by teachers. They end up dedicating their lives for their students and in this process it becomes a vocation for them.

Indeed teaching is a noble profession and each teacher need to teach our children from heart and mould young minds.

Teaching is very interested if teachers understand their roles and teach students to develop them holistically.

I always believe that teaching is one of the most sacred job offered under the sun for the very reason that you can either mold or break a person by the way you interact, disseminate information but most importantly how you ‘treat’ a child. At any given time you are in a classroom you have the opportunity to be a guide to a child’s path to his/her future and that alone is a scariest thought.

Teaching is a noble profession whereby teacher set learning outcomes which needs to be achieved after every strand or topic.At the end of teaching lesson, formative and summative assessment is carried out to know how competent the learner is.