The prattle sandbox forum (used for testing)

Prattle is defined as foolish or inconsequential discussion. To prattle means to talk at length in an inconsequential way. In the software development world, a sandbox is a testing environment.

This prattle sandbox forum is a place where you can trial the features of the site before using forums in a live OERu course. Things you might want to try:

  1. Post a reply to a post in the prattle sandbox forum
  2. Like a post by clicking on the heart
  3. Quote an extract from a post in a reply (i.e. highlight a sentence from a previous and following the on screen instructions.

Be considerate when prattling - don’t offend any users.

I’m quoting @Mackiwg (myself) as I’m prattling away by posting a reply in the sandbox forum. That was easy!

Here’s some more prattling to test an updated Discourse WEnotes harvester script…

This is another important test of the WEnotes infrastructure!!

Here’s another test of WEnotes…

And another test of WEnotes, this time watching from a different server…