Using hashtags within WEnotes

Should or could we include hashtags in our course WEnotes? Is this desirable?

Hi @rajiv.jhangiani

That’s a good question.

The short answer: When posting a WEnote comment from an OERu course site, you do not need to include the course code (for example “lida101”) or a hashtag (for example "#lida101). The WENote comment system is smart enough to know the course code from which you are posting. However, all other services must be tagged with the course code or hashtag.

The following graphic summarises the technologies harvested for the course feed.

Here is a summary of when to use the course tag or hashtag:

  • Blog posts (external service): Posts from your personal course blog must be labelled or tagged with the respective course code (e.g lida101 or ipsy101). This will tell the harvester used for the course feed that the post is intended for the course feed.
  • (external service): Annotations or replies to annotations must be tagged with the respective course code (e.g lida101 or ipsy101)
  • OERu Bookmarks: Resource bank links must be tagged with the course code so the harvester knows which links to harvest for your course.
  • Mastodon. Mastodon requires a hashtag (e.g #lida101 or #ipsy101) because the course code is inserted in the text field (rather than a designated tag field). The “#” prefix is used to distinguish normal text from tags.
  • Course forum posts. When replying to an existing topic, you don’t need to include the course tag because this was applied in the original topic post. If you are creating a new topic, you will need to tag the post with the course code. (Its easy to remember - the forum software only provides the option to add a tag where it is needed.)

In summary:

  1. Wenotes - No tag needed
  2. Mastodon - Needs a hashtag, eg. #lida101
  3. All other OERu technologies - only the course tag (i.e. without the “#”)

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Unable to log in in the course site
please help

Hi @binta - Thanks for your query.

The OERu support site provides detailed information on how to log in on an OERu course website site here.

I checked and you do have a student account on LiDA101 - so perhaps you were using the wrong password? In the instructions above - there is information on how to reset your password.

Hi. I struggle for three days to upload my picture to my blog post. Can you assist please?