Week 1 Activity 1

Characteristics of Youths in My Context:

  1. Tech-Savvy: Many youths are highly proficient with technology and rely on it for communication, entertainment, and learning. However, in our area, one of the key barriers is the network problem.
  2. Economic Uncertainty: Job insecurity and financial concerns are common among young people.
  3. Diverse Backgrounds: The youth population is diverse in terms of cultural, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  4. Environmental Awareness: Many young people are environmentally conscious and concerned about climate change and sustainability.
  5. Health-Conscious: There’s a growing interest in physical and mental well-being.
  6. Desire for Independence: Young people often seek independence and autonomy in their personal and professional lives.

Life Needs:

1.Employability Skills: Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication are essential for securing and retaining jobs.
2. Financial Literacy: Teaching financial management, budgeting, and investing to ensure economic stability.
3. Digital Skills: Offering courses on coding, data analysis, and digital marketing to align with the tech-savvy nature of the youth.
4. Environmental Education: Programs that promote environmental awareness, sustainability, and conservation.
5. Health and Wellness: Providing resources for physical and mental health, including stress management and nutrition.
6. Entrepreneurship Education: Courses on starting and managing businesses to foster independence.

Suggested Offerings for Open Schooling:

  1. Online Skills Training: Offer courses in digital literacy, programming, and data analysis.
  2. Financial Management Courses: Provide lessons on budgeting, investing, and financial planning.
    3.Environmental Workshops: Promote environmental awareness and offer workshops on sustainable practices.
  3. Health and Wellness Programs: Include modules on physical and mental health, stress management, and nutrition.
  4. Entrepreneurship Courses:Create modules that guide young people through the process of starting and managing their businesses.

Youth in Samoa require a academic support including tutorials and sturdy skills to excel in their studies career guidance.
Lack of Empathy:Fail to understand the feelings and perspective of their life.
Poor Communication:Ineffective communication can lead to misunderstandings ,and lack of clarity in goals and expectations.
Inconsistent Decision Making:Lack of confidence making inconsistent arbitrary decisions.
Important in a community:
Youth in Samoa are integral to their communities. They help shape its culture and they have extensive social connections. Just as young people experience a community’s problems firsthand they are often on the front lines of activism and other efforts to help address them.
How changing?
They can change the world, they will be aware of relevant issues that affect them .Youth in Samoa can have the idea,the creativity and great energy to shape a better country.