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Greetings :slightly_smiling_face:. I am Shaleen Nath, Secondary school science teacher specializing in Chemistry and Biology. Being an active learner, I love to seek knowledge and skills that could aid in enhancing my performance. Lets get started :dove:

Hi I am Timaima Adilele from Fiji. I am a Librarian by profession in a secondary school in Fiji. I find this course interesting because it will boost my knowledge in the teaching environment and how it will help students achieve their goals through reading and researching.
Looking forward to gain more knowledge.

Hello, i have just started my journey into the Quality Assurance course and exploring ways to come up with policies and how it is implemented in ODL. My query is, to become an online private tutor, does it require a lot of financial input? Also, how do we go getting students to sign up for ODL, and making the platform an efficient and effective method to learn?

Hello Everyone.
My name is Lizie Obura. I am Kenyan teacher educator at one of the Public Universities.
I am elated to be in this cohort and look forward to learning more.

Hi all, M Cliffben from Vanuatu.

Wish all best of luck in this course

Halo Everyone.
I am Auken Rormassing from Vanuatu. Official to the field of teaching. I am late to this introduction. I look forward to learn from plenty of you in this course. Good Luck everyone.

Thanks. Just come in.

Hello everyone,
My name is Ashna Devi Reddy . Iam a primary school teacher and I am grateful to be enrolled in this coure as i will get an opportunity to learn a lot of new things which will help me to upgrade myself and help out the young ones here in Fiji.
Thank you.

Hello everyone. Im Line from Tonga and Im a bit late into this programme but hoping to learn new things especially from a group of skilled and knowledgeable individuals, in terms of teaching. Your guidance and assistance will come in handy…so good luck to us all!!!

Hi I’m Tebiriki and would love to learn more about the course as it is challenging.

Hi am Reshma Kiran from Navai Primary School .This is my 9th year of teaching. I like teaching. This course is really challenging but it is interesting as well. The knowledge will help my students and the teachers as well.

Hello the name Anit Kumar from Fiji.

Hi everyone, am Bridget from the Solomons, am just a high school drop out whom I wish to join teaching as a profession. Glad to join you as a team of leaners to be leaders.

My Humble request is that if the course would have been structured in such a way that when one logs in, takes one straight to where one stopped the previous visit to the site/log in. Thank you.