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Hello everyone
Anju Sanwal this side. My query is …How we can create a learning journal blog. Can anyone pl. explain.

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Dear @anju1973

You will find instructions to create a blog on the support site.

For information, see


Hello everyone
I am Najib algorafee
I am from Yemen

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Missed out on my zoom session today 17th Sep. 3.00pm Fiji . Where can I view the recording . Thankyou.

Hi, my name is Sakib and I am from Bangladesh. Due to some unavoidable circumstances and unfamiliar to use OERu, I somewhat fall behind from my assignment. Therefore, can anyone guide regarding when and where I should start i.e with the assignment of first module. I look forward to hear from you.

Hi This Renu Kaur from Rakiraki in the Fiji Islands and I find this course challenging but a good learning experience.

Hi I’m Ela Fin au of Sigatoka in the Fiji Island. I have been teaching for 20 years. I always like to plant flowers , read and bake during my leisure time.

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Hi am Roselyn Bibi from Lekutu Secondary school .I have been teaching for past 17years. My teaching Field is Home Economic and I teach years 9 to 13. I really like teaching where am able to pass my knowledge and skills to young generation.


I’m Mrs Kelera
Teaching for 5 years now

HI everyone,Shina Rory is my name and I’m currently serving under the teaching service commission as a secondary teacher. Thank you for this and I’m looking forward to this course.

Talofa lava…I’m Pouiva Tupai from Samoa. I’m 29 years of age. I have been working as a teacher in primary school level since 2014 until now. I am majoring in science and health and physical education in grade 4 to grade 8.
The reason why I get in to these course I really want to elaborate more and get more knowledge and skills of assessment.
Im looking forward to hear a lot from you about these course
Thank you

Hi from kiribati

From those statement if really cleared that student are the pearls and also they need our care and supported to them
I’m very agree with two statement

Hi every one,
Jack Lally from Vanuatu. I was late to the forum due to some circumstance

I am a little bit confused

I just reply every notifications pop in

Can anyone guide me what to do ??


Hello Everyone,
My name is Shavnil Singh, I am from Fiji Island. I am a secondary school teacher and my majors are Language and Literature and Geography with Education.

Hello everyone, my name is JOHN ATKINS, I am very happy in taking this course. It has been very challenging in the beginning but it helps me a lot in gaining knowledge and skill and be innovative when it come to discussion.

It all right, most of us are late but we will have time to compete all the task in this course. We hope you have done better in this course

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My name is Taina. I am teaching for 9 yrs and currently teaching in a secondary school in Sigatoka. My major is Physical Education with Art and Craft and Music.

Hi everyone,

I am Meriwea. I am originally I-Kiribati. Currently, I am in Fiji to pursue my dream which is ‘to become a teacher’. I haven’t been in the teaching field. I am a trainee teacher though, still doing online studies. But I am so thankful to be part of this course with the high hopes that I’ll be able to perform quality teaching and learning in the future.

Hope to get along with you guys throughout our learning journey in the digital age.