Why does the OERu use micro-courses?

Micro-courses increase the flexibility of the OERu model in a number of ways. For example:

  1. Learners can pace their learning according to their own needs and associated family and work obligations. There is no need to complete the full set of micro-courses associated with full-course credit in a single sitting.
    1. Self-interest learners can select micro-courses according to the topics of interest without the need to engage in a full-course.
  2. Cohort based offerings can be offered in compact blocks of time making it easier for learners engaged in full-time employment to set aside time to participate in OERu courses.
  3. The micro-course size facilitates credit transfer across international boundaries.
  4. The micro-format facilitates the integration of OERu course materials as a sub-component of full-time university courses.
  5. Micro-courses facilitate remix and reuse by creating more flexible curriculum options to mix and match courses in different contexts.
  6. OERu partners can stagger the course development schedule enabling the OERu to bring courses quicker to market.