Why mainstream ODL- Activity 1

This activity should take you about 25 – 30 minutes to complete

If you are from one of the nine Pacific Island countries, read about the status of education in your country in the resource: Out-of-School Children: A Contemporary View from the Pacific Island Countries of the Commonwealth. The resource is accessible on the following link: https://oasis.col.org/items/c95e2029-b542-4a3f-8a9b-852049190e66 . If you are not from one of the nine Pacific countries, you can choose any of the Pacific countries covered in the resource and read about it or search for some data linked to your own country
After reading through your country section, answer the following questions to help draw your attention to pertinent aspects of education access in your country. You don’t have to read the whole resource; you just need to focus on one country. The contents table on page (v) helps you identify the relevant pages.

  1. What is the trend in terms of number of children out of school from year to year in the country you read about?
  2. What is the trend of out of -primary -school children by gender?
  3. List three main causes of school drop-out in your country.
  4. Post in the discussion forum measures your government is taking to get out–of-school children and youth to participate in education.