Youth needs in my Fiji rural community

Characteristics of youth and their needs

  1. Independence: Youth in our community strive for greater independence, it’s often tied to their need to explore, learn, and gain a sense of autonomy which refers to the ability to make independent decisions and have control over their own actions, choice, and life.
  2. Accessibility: Youth facing difficulty with excess technology resources due to the remote rural areas they are located in.
  3. Creativity: The need for our youth to be self-expression, develop personal growth and abilities to create innovative ideas.
  4. Resilience: Youth facing challenges and trying to overcome their own challenges . Due to the extent to which their needs are met or unmet it varies depending on their upbringing and experience. This characteristic is often a result of learning to cope with unmet needs and adverse situations they went through.
  5. The need for counselor
    Peer Relationships:Youth trying to build and maintain positive relationships with peers in their own social development. Youth often seek out friendships and social connections as they navigate their way through adolescence…
  6. Adaptability: Youth’s adaptability to different situations in our rural communities can be shaped by their experiences in meeting various needs and adjusting to changing circumstances
  7. Entrepreneurship - The need for our youth to be self-sufficient with basic and soft skills of entrepreneurship.
  8. Vocational training for trade skills
  9. Transportation and feeder roads to those farmers in the rural interior of Fiji.
  10. Stable market prices vary for kava farmers. They need basic training on how to diversify their land for inter-cropping rather than depending on one crop. Government and stakeholders assistance will be much appreciated.
    9.The needs for social media marketing skills
  11. Rural electrification