Youths in Fiji contex and their characteristics of their life need

  1. The young youths around Fiji have diverse range of characteristics and life needs. Some common characteristics of life include:
    *Education many youths require access to quality education to develop their knowledge ans skill on theory or practical.
    *Employment opportunities - they need job prospects and vocational training to secure their financial future.
    *Health Care - access the better health care service and mental well being.
    2.Suggest offering for open schools in Fiji
    Open schools are whereby all different kind of learners are accommodated
    Technical vocational school are where the slow learners could be accommodated on practical work (hands on experience ) like mechanical and electrical etc.
    It equips individuals with practical job specific skills that are in demand . It also meets the market demand therefore there are economic growth with skilled work force.The most important thing that it is lifelong learning skills.