Business meetings

Without naming people or companies, share brief descriptions of one effective, and one ineffective, aspect of a meeting you attended recently. (If you have not attended any meetings, what practices do you think would be most effective or ineffective?)

What are some examples of local business practices you think are particularly effective?

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Effective: an effective practice would I’ve seen was that the boss didn’t just hand out jobs. He worked together with employees and ensured that they knew what to do.

Ineffective: a local business in my home town has a owner who is unkind to his employees, this particular business is also experiencing cash-flow problems because the owner takes too much money for personal use. He isn’t able to pay his workers for their overtime or to buy new and enough products. He has 3 shops that will all be closed by the franchise if he doesn’t manage to solve these problems.

Effective local practices: giving the necessary training to employees to ensure that they are productive. A local place that sells food buffet style has trained the workers on the till so they can help customers as quickly as possible.