CTVSD 1 - definitions of different types of outcomes

Now that you had the chance to explore some of the definitions of different types of outcomes provided in the TVETipedia glossary
share one definition of a type of outcome that you are most familiar with and provide an example of that outcome, or outcomes from your experience.

Learning Outcome
The set of knowledge, skills and/or competencies an individual has acquired and/or is able to demonstrate after completion of a learning process, either formal, non-formal or informal.
Source: [TESDA 2010, Philippines](javascript:divshow(‘source3’))

Example: to know how to cut a fled skirt for adults

Learning outcome is defined as the totality of information, knowledge, understanding, attitudes, values, skills, competencies or behaviors an individual is expected to master upon successful completion of an educational program. Source: UNESCO UIS 2011, Global

Example is as used in collar design of overalls.