CTVSD5 Who are your learners?

Who are your students expected to be?

What background and experiences do you expect them to have?

I teach in a Secondary school in Fiji hence my students are from Year 9 to 13. Most of them have electronic gadgets to access internet and be part of online classes. However I feel having a smart phone as a gadget may not be useful for online learning. Some of the reasons are capacity of the gadgets to download software for use, knowledge of downloading the necessary app is limited, students may not have money to buy data, internet speed may not be there or may drop. It also strains the students eyes since the font size is small. At times there is only one gadget in the family and if parents take the phone to work, students cannot attend online classes. Some students don’t have power supply at home or may experience power shut down.

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In a classroom there are groups of students are academically oriented and the others they are not BUT they have the capacity on hands on issues. Students enter our classroom they are not failure but perhaps they are not ready or the education system fail. I expect my students to be like themselves and I am the one who need to identify their needs and their future of choices to suit the environment where they are grown up. I think thats where OERs is vital to my teaching.

I totally agree that no student is a failure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:…some do academically well while others have talents/skills :woman_factory_worker: :woman_singer: :woman_astronaut: such as sports, music, arts, dance so as teachers we need to identifier and tap on their hidden potential. Now with COVID19 we need to see that students focus on what they can do best rather than being after then to complete worksheets and questions…they can learn skills of cooking, gardening, enterprising etc

Hello Shauafarey
My expected students are new school leavers. In teaching them Data Structure, I don’t expect them to have any knowledge except that they have general knowledge about what computers are all about. So I will have to take them from the very scratch of the course and give them every support as we proceed. Thanks.
Evelyn B. Odutan