How should I reference sources - Learning Challenge 2

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I am just working on my second learning challenge and as I complete my personal definition of digital literacies, I am wondering: How should I reference sources that have informed my definition?


Most OERu courses recommend the APA referencing style (see for example Waikato Uni guidelines.)

If the style is not specified in the instructions, you can choose any style (eg Oxford, Harvard or Chicago) as long as you apply the style consistently within the post.

In the next learning pathway we introduce citation management software which will help learners to manage references and to cite using different styles.

So for now, you can apply the style manually by typing according to the style you select. After completing LiDA101 you will be using citation management tools to automate the process.

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@CitizenModerna - thanks for your query - I have now added a general FAQ on the site as this is a question relates to all OERu courses. See: