Identify and list the problem(s) the policy was intended to address

The policy is intended to solve the following problems
(a) Students not getting their results in good time
(b) Teachers lacking guidelines on how to present their academic related documents.
(c) Articulate the procedures surrounding Supplementary examinations.
(d) Articulate the procedures surrounding resits examinations.
(e) State the pass marks and show the grating chart clearly

Problems most cause if teachers are not well organized and learners are not following order and results of exams are following apart also things in the school are not perfect it because of lack of organizing and not communicate very well that’s why it cause lots of problems and many issues in the school.

The school policy is a three year planned(short term) program a school has to have in order to implement it’s visions, hence to influence effective teaching and learning.
Some of the issues needed to be address,

  1. Up grading of the school (day school to boarding or even to open schooling)
  2. Up grading of teaching resources (chalk boards to computer)
  3. Upgrade the quality of teaching
  4. Upgrade the physical appearance of the school.
  5. Improving the learner’s learning environment.
  6. Intergrated learning approach