Internal Quality assurance

The quality assurance in my setting if purely internal quality assurance. This is because it only involves internal stakeholders but not external stakeholders like the Ministry of Education at the schooling level and the national quality assurance agency in higher education. In our case, quality assurance is mainly driven by a stakeholder within the institution. Our institution uses our own structures, systems and staff to quality assure their processes. Obviously, this is done in line with expectations of relevant external stakeholders like Ministry of Education or national quality agency as laid down in national guidelines. This has been motivation to providing institution to drive its quality assurance process without any need for policing from an external agency. This approach is good because it gives the internal stakeholders in an educational intuition ownership of the quality assurance system. In this course, we encourage you to prioritize the latter approach, which is premised on the understanding that the responsibility for quality assurance lies with the provider. It also has greater potential for continuous quality improvement.

Guidelines should be more motivated .