Learning activity 5

The assessment task I’ll analyze is related to “Research methodology”. The task is designed to assess students’ understanding of various research methodologies and their importance.

I evaluated it using the matrix in Table 5:

Topic: Research methodology
Concept/Skills: Understanding types and importance
Number of items: 5

The assessment focuses on a specific topic, “Research methodology,” ensuring alignment between the task and the intended concept or skill.
It’s at Level 1, indicating that it aims to assess foundational knowledge about research methodologies.
There are 5 items in the assessment, which allows for a more comprehensive evaluation.

To further enhance this assessment, several improvements can be made:

  1. Diversify Assessment Methods: Instead of relying solely on multiple-choice questions, incorporate different assessment methods like short essays or practical scenarios that require students to apply their knowledge of research methodologies in real-world situations.
  2. Increase Complexity: While Level 1 is appropriate for foundational knowledge, consider designing some questions at Level 2 to assess students’ ability to compare and contrast different research methodologies or make judgments about their appropriateness in specific research contexts.
  3. Include More Items: Expanding the number of items in this assessment will provide a more accurate and reliable measure of students’ understanding of research methodology. A larger pool of questions ensures better coverage of the topic.
  4. Incorporate Practical Aspects: Integrate practical elements, such as critiquing research designs or proposing a research methodology for a given research question, to make the assessment more authentic and relevant.

By making these improvements, the assessment task can become a more robust and comprehensive tool for evaluating students’ understanding of research methodology, aligning better with the skills and knowledge they need to develop

The assessment analysis task compare more confidence with evaluating and summarize of the assessment task while showing their experience what they have learned.from the task.