Learning activity 6

Upon analyzing my test score in Mathematics, a significant drop in test scores among students were noted. One key factor is the lack of student motivation and engagement with the subject. numeracy is challenging, and when students don’t find it interesting or relevant to their lives, their commitment to learning it declines. The rise of distractions, such as social media and other digital platforms, has further worsened this issue. These technologies offer immediate gratification and entertainment, drawing students away from the study of mathematics, which often requires patience and sustained effort.

  1. Examining Test Scores Across Different Subjects:

a. Numeracy: There’s a consistent trend of low scores in numeracy across the board. This suggests a common challenge. To improve performance, I should consider providing additional math support, such as tutoring or tailored resources. Collaborating with math teachers to identify areas of struggle can also be beneficial.

b. literacy : Literacy scores show a fluctuating pattern, with periods of high and low performance. It’s crucial to maintain consistency and reinforce core language skills. Implementing regular assessments and offering individualized support to struggling students can help.