LIDA101 Female inclusion in mechanical engineering

The inclusion of females in engineering disciplines is still a work in progress, even in this day and age. The assumption being that women cannot handle the physical intensity of the work and that our logic is not quite up to par with those of men. I myself am a Mechanical Engineering graduate who’s primary interest is not one most women in mechanical engineering would consider; maintenance management.

I am hoping that the diversity shown in different industries, especially in different parts of the industry, will help me write an essay on the state of gender inclusion in this field.

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Fantastic! My background is in Maintenance management as an Electrical engineer. I am now teaching this subject at our local Polytechnic and pleased to say that in a small class of seven, I have two female students studying Maintenance Management! It would be great to see our industry more inclusive and diverse :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome, I can’t say I have met a lot of engineers in general who are interested in maintenance management, let alone women engineers. Thank you for helping us be more passionate about it :grin:

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Thanks for this information Tumi. I reckon it very relevant to my profound topic on the role that mathematics education should play in empowering women. When girls have been empowered with mathematical skills, it is also my belief that they would also be able to venture into careers like mechanical engineering. So thank you for being a role model.

It’s arare case in our Bangladesh. Women’s are not interested in the field of mechanical Engineering due to social situation.