#LiDA101 - Impact of digital literacy skills for students and teachers

Impact of digital literacy skills for students and teachers.

I chose this topic because I am currently a teacher and believe digital literacy is very beneficial to teaching and learning.

It is a good question/ statement for academic research because it opens many doors to many other questions that relate to technologies role in education.


@Alicia I have noticed some people struggle hand in when they don’t understand the platforms being used. Good luck with your students, I hope everything goes well.

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I think that is why we are discussing about skills and literacy. Skills means to be affluent in the digital technology and know how to use it but literacy tells what and which to use. Moreover if the students don’t know or are unaware of the technology then they may be imparted the skills and if they get literate they might be able to use it as well. I am really sorry, if I might have sounded rude but I just want to share my views.

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I can’t imagine how easier it will be for a teacher to improve on teaching the content through the use of digital skills. Much often teachers experience too much load, but I assume that with such skills one can learn a lot and be a better teacher too