Patrick Bet-Davids (video signposts)

The most valuable advice is that a entrepreneur needs to know the value of a business plan, because this plan is critical to the success of any business. When the business plan is frequently update and reviewed, it becomes increasingly valuable over time.

I don’t agree with the fact that a entrepreneur should not try and sell too many products. In today’s economic it is hard to survive in the work or entrepreneur industry by only selling one product. If a business is selling only one product, the business will be closing their doors sooner than a business who sells more than one product, The other mistake I don’t agree with is the one about almost quitting. When a person does not have an income they start to do their own things to make money. A entrepreneur will never quit, because of the money they need to survive.

The 2 mistakes I have mentioned above will not apply in my country, because of the poor economic. A entrepreneur will sell anything to make money to provide for his basics needs and he/she will always sell more than one products so that the ‘costumers’ have a variety of products to choose from. A entrepreneur will never quit, because they will not risk everything they have just to see it fails.

The most common thing he could have included is to give positive feedback about the mistakes that he have done. In that way a entrepreneur can take his advice on how to make the mistake correct.

There can be other mistakes that must be avoided for an entrepreneur to be successful that was not included. If you want to start a small business you cannot be a anti-social person, if you are your business can lead to a downfall.