Technology use in education

Continuing the discussion from Use of technology in education:

  1. We are using technology-enabled learning using the blended method (incorporating face-to-face sessions.
  2. Both the teacher and the learner improve their technical ability as they manoeuvre through their platforms and gadgets.
    Distance and time barriers are overcome and learning can be as flexible as can be for both.

Technology in Education is really helpful nowadays since children nowadays spending more time on technology.It also overcome the time and location barriers for both Facilitators and learners.
This is also time for changes.It really motivated them as well in the classroom rather than only concentrating on human resources.

In education, technology is an important thing that will assist not only teachers but also students. In Fiji, urban schools are so advanced with the technologies compared to the rural and very remote schools. It can also seen in the achievements of the students, so there is a need for technology to be used in education.