Technology use in education

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  1. We are using technology-enabled learning using the blended method (incorporating face-to-face sessions.
  2. Both the teacher and the learner improve their technical ability as they manoeuvre through their platforms and gadgets.
    Distance and time barriers are overcome and learning can be as flexible as can be for both.

Technology in Education is really helpful nowadays since children nowadays spending more time on technology.It also overcome the time and location barriers for both Facilitators and learners.
This is also time for changes.It really motivated them as well in the classroom rather than only concentrating on human resources.

In education, technology is an important thing that will assist not only teachers but also students. In Fiji, urban schools are so advanced with the technologies compared to the rural and very remote schools. It can also seen in the achievements of the students, so there is a need for technology to be used in education.

The use of technology as a teaching and learning tool is taking the education world by a storm. While learning and resources become so convenient, it has its disadvantages as well.

Both teachers and learners can interact more with the use of technology, the massive number 9f platforms that are available to both is overwhelming. Learning becomes so convenient as a whole. However, the high number of distractions too can not be ignored. From online games to social media, the distraction can be addictive and affect the quality of work by both student and teacher. If not monitored effective and quality learn g will not take place.

Technology has taken over our world and has dramatically changed the way we live, work, and learn. In the education sector, technology has been a game-changer and has transformed the traditional methods of teaching and learning. In a classroom setting, students are often given a lot of information to process quickly. This can be overwhelming and cause confusion. Technology provides access to numerous online resources that support independent learning and research. It also helps simplify the learning process by making concepts easier to understand, for example through instructional videos.

Gone are the days of rote memorization and blackboard lectures. Today’s students are digital natives, who have grown up surrounded by technology and are accustomed to a more interactive, dynamic learning experience.

use of technology in education is very important as it aids in the effective teaching and learning of learners