What does digital literacy mean to you?

Well…this is new digital times…it is important to be able to use technology to communicate and inform others by using both cognitive and technical skills. This skills is required to live, learn and work in today’s society. Most avenues only give access to information through technologies like internet platforms and mobile devices. Very important to keep updating ourselves to the new changes in technology.


In today’s times digital education is giving access to education anywhere, anytime.


Yeah, you’re absolutely right.

I totally agree with you.

Digital literacy teaches us the effective way in which we can communicate with each other, using a modern computer technologies.

From my own perspective, digital literacy is like we are another step advance in terms of learning. We learned new things digitally instead of papers and biros and also broaden the capacity of how to think, evaluate and respond to questions and answers. :nerd_face: Love It

For mi, digital literacy means having the ability and knowledge to surf and use the internet for academic and other purposes :smiley: