Blended learning and QA

these eight categories are
instructional design
course structure
student support
slash media
and quality assurance and evaluation the rubrics can be used for formative as
well as summative assessment of Blended learning courses

course navigation, course content, instructional design, course structure, student support, choice of technology/media, student assessment, curriculum design, external stakeholders

 The main categories of blended learning :
1. Student support
2.  Choice of technology
3.  Student assessment
4. Quality Assurance
5.  Course Navigation
6.  Course content
7 Instructional design
8. Course structure

well articulated. Thank you for sharing.

  • Curriculum design:
  • Pedagogy:
  • Technology:
  • Assessment:
  • Accessibility:
  • Equity:
  • Faculty Development

well articulated,thank you very much