Examples of educational issues that need to be regulated by policy

  1. Academic Policy
  2. Governance Policy

Education issues causes with lacks of communications and not organizing very well that’s why it cause lots of issues in education.

Issues that need to be regulated are:

  1. Academic implementation procedures.
  2. Assessment processes.
  3. ODeL guidelines.
  4. Human resource - including code of conduct of trainers.
  5. Capacity building
  6. Students code of conduct
  7. Communication process
  8. Finance matters
  9. Procurement matters
  10. Research, development and Innovations
  11. The mentorship procedures
  12. Gender related issues
  13. Special needs integration
  14. Admissions procedures
  15. Reward, award and recognition

1.Teachers code of conduct
2. Staff recruitment
3. Staff retention
4. Genda equity
5. Inclusive teaching approach
6. Staff development program
7. School regulations
8. Community participation program
9. Whole school assessment
10. Learner’s academic performance /assessment.

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