Funding models for distance education

May and Sing Article noted in chapter 6 that there is no way funding for education. The ways of funding are greatly determined by different Countries.

Some of the funding available to distance learning in my context are as follows.

  1. Tuition fees from Students
  2. Administrative charges for facilities on campus
  3. Donations from reputable Organizations
  4. Government funding and bursaries.

Oh great to learn that the funding methods are similar in most countries.

Some of the funding models for distance education inclue;

  1. Government funding
  2. School fees
  3. Donations

well articulated. Thank for sharing.

Mays & Singh (2020) in chapter 6 noted that “a one-size-fits-all approach to funding is not possible”. therefore, different countries decide which method of funding is best for their context. The chapter identified “feasibility” and “sustainability” as key parameters for determination of a funding model, as long as the model “improve efficiency, enhance quality and ensure ultimately positive student learning outcomes.”

  1. Government interventions
  2. Tuition fees
  3. selling of learning materials
  4. Other revenue streams
  5. Use of philanthropy