The youth characteristics and life needs, consult colleagues and employment reports to understand skills gaps

I don’t have direct access to real time data or government reports specific to Fiji. However, the general overview of the characteristics and life needs of youths will be mentioned below.

Characteristics of Youths in Fiji:

  • Cultural Diversity – Fijian youths come from diverse cultural backgrounds, including indigenous Fijians, Indo-Fijians, and various other ethnicities, contributing to a rich cultural tapestry.
  • Strong Community Ties – Many Fijian youths have strong ties to their communities and traditional values.
  • Resilience - Given the vulnerability to natural disasters in Fiji, many youths exhibit resilience and adaptability.
  • Digital Literacy – Fijian youths are increasingly digital-savvy, with growing access to the internet and technology.
  • Education Aspirations – Many aspire to further their education, including pursuing higher studies locally or abroad.
  • Tourism and Hospitality – Given the significance of the tourism industry in Fiji, some youths may be interested in careers related to hospitality and tourism.

Life Needs of Youths in Fiji

  • Metal Health Services – Access to mental health support, particularly in the wake of natural disasters and climate-related stressors.
  • Entrepreneurship Support – Resources and mentorship for those interested in starting their own businesses.
  • Skills Training – Vocational and technical training to address skills gaps and youth unemployment.
  • Community Engagement – Opportunities for youth to actively engage in community development and social initiatives.
  • Digital Inclusion – Ensuring equitable access to digital devices and the internet, especially for remote and disadvantaged communities