Learning activity 2: Education Policy in my Context

The education policy incited for this learning activity is Behavior Management Policy.

  1. Key Policy Makers: **Politicians and policy makers in the interest of educators, scholars and parents are significant players in policy development. But the context of policy formulation goes beyond the visible status of educators, scholars and parents. The way in which scientific expertise is produced and applied to policy making by the politicians is significant in order to understand the agenda setting, the hierarchy of specific policies in education and policy makers. **

2. Policy Objectives
The school head shall create and maintain a safe and conducive learning.
environment for the effective management of student behavior.
2.2 The school head shall develop a school-based Behavior Management Policy which.
reflects the full intent of the MoE Policy.
2.3 The school head in liaison with the relevant District Education Office shall work with
parents and the community to help address behavioral management issues in
2.4 The school head shall use approaches which:
i. help promote pro-social behavior, student safety and development together with
the realization of self-discipline
ii. are preventative in nature.
iii. focus on early intervention, and
iv. outline procedures for the management of ongoing or serious misbehavior.