**Policy Issues Learning Activity 2**

Policy on External Examinations and Assessment.

Review of the policy

Policy makers and owner is the Examinations and Assessment.

The policy’s goal is to provide a structure and maintain a coordinated, uniform approach to conducting external examinations and assessments. Also, it formulates methods, objectives, guidelines, and protocols related to assessment issues and meant to serve as a guide for parents, teachers, and other significant stakeholders.

The most obvious issue is that the policy was effective September 2017 (the copy of the policy available on the website, also tagged NEW) and was due for a review September 2020, it is now 2023- the Ministry’s website is probably undergoing reviews and updates.

@arietanaivalu QA4ODFL1 Exactly, no review has been done till date. However, all the clauses of the examination and assessment in still assumed to be intact probably with a few amendments which are unknown yet.