What is a Policy

Policies are set of rules and guidelines that helps any organizations to conduct their day to day activities very smoothly. With policies in place one can always view their opinions and suggestions with the set boundaries.


A policy is a set of actions that expressed in a form of instructions and guidelines that an organisation or targeted stakeholders must comply with in order to address a situation.

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Policy is simply a written document that can assist in decision making. It is an agreed statement(s) to address one issue faced from time to time.

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Policy is mostly written documents to support and uplift a certain organisation.

policy is a set of rules and principles that are created to help guide us in what we do in order to achieve an outcome.

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Policy is set of instructions that guide an organization, corporation or department so everyone should respect and follow to meet organization’s targets.

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A policy is a set of instructions that guides decision making and actions of workers in an organization.

Policy can be said to be decision or action of government or individuals regarding execution of given plans or to address certain challenges or issues.

Policy could be set to prevent abuse or be a guide for behaviour in a given environment

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Policy is a set of rules or instructions that helps guide to reaching a target or outcome.