What is a policy?

A policy is a document that provides leadership desires and perspectives on an issue. It further provides guidelines on how the desires or perspectives could be implemented or achieved.

In my context, a policy doesn’t reflect leadership desires and perspectives alone as everyone in the community (college) participate in deciding what should be in the policy through consultations; students, lecturers, MoE and other stakeholders. Policies are refined and finalized after consultations and awareness then conducted for those who will be affected in one way or another by the policy.

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You are absolutely right.

Policy development is a collaborative effort thus requiring a stakeholders’ approach.

Thank you jmasika for sharing this similar view. And yes, the guidelines have to be implemented with one goal to achieve the desires and perspectives as you mentioned. Some policies go with their procedures in which consequences for non compliance were also clearly spelt out. I am still wondering if consequences should really be stated in policies and whether policies are similar to rules and regulations.

policy can be refers or seen as action or inaction of goverments or those in authority that affects the significance number of people under term reviews.

A government or other institution’s policy can be a rule, a process, an administrative move, a financial incentive, or a volunteer practice. Resource allocations frequently reflect policy decisions. Policies in many different industries can affect health. It is a guideline to safeguard employers and employees.

A policy is a guideline that is adopted by an organization and needs to be followed or act as guide to all the members of the organization or all the other stakeholders within the organization.

A policy is a law, regulation or administrative action of Governments and other institutions to address identified social problem or issue.

The policy is a set of guiding principles from the government or stakeholders on identified problems, how to solve and to implement it so as to achieve a set objectives.

Your view is apt and very concise!

In my View Policy is a document that spell out the guidelines to achieving the aspirations of the Government of the day. Policy is driven by Government - whether political, national or global!

For the purpose of simplifying governance inside an organization, policy is typically an intention, a collection of guidelines, and a set of values. It is crucial for organizations to have implementable policies because they serve as a connecting thread between the administration of the school, the faculty, the students, the parents, and the legal system. A company without policies is a company without control.