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I really want to know, what is quality assurance?

Can you please elaborate more on quality assurance.
Thank you.

Good question, what really do we mean by quality assurance in education? I think our starting point in answering that question is to clarify what quality education means, in the first place.
I would like to get the views of other course participants on this before I post my views.

Quality Education can be define in different ways. Quality Education can be define as an education that offer an excellent and maintains a continous improvements on its service and products in order to give the best satisfaction to its customers. For example, the service means here are the teachers who provide the effective teaching and learning to students, whereas the product refers to the qualification earned by students that represent the relevant and productive skills and knowledge that each student has learned.

If we refer to quality assurance in education, it is simply a system of ensuring a quality is put in place in the development of a curriculum, drafting and marking of national exam papers, teaching and learning in the classroom, training institution of teachers etc that aims to maintain a continous improvement and to achieve an excellent outcome.


Since we have looked at Governance and Management in week 2, my understanding of Quality Assurance is that schools make sure to carry out quality Management with the help of the School Governance to make sure that certain quality standards are fulfilled.
In addition, quality assurance can be particularly vital to ensure that a school develops and perform in line with the curriculum and standards in place.


That’s right. Governance and Management links to Quality Assurance.

Well stated. Quality assurance moves in all the critical spheres of the school or institution. From policies, management, curriculum, learner support systems etc.

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Quality assurance procedures can serve two major purposes of improvement and accountability .

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I want to know more about Quality Assurance for Open, Distance and flexible learning.

For me personally, I would define ‘Quality assurance in education’ simply as the system by which educational processes being undertaken are reviewed at certain developmental stages by a Quality Assurance body to ensure they meet or are aligned to standard guidelines or criteria and if not may have to be revised and updated by those who develop them according to recommended inputs by the quality assurance body.

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