QA4ODFL1 (PAC) - Regulating educational issues

Give examples of educational issues that need to be regulated by policy.
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Access to education capitation for children leaving in the slums.
Improving quality of learning for children in hard to reach areas by use of technology.


Excellent point Wamuthiga, policy on support for children in disadvantaged communities to participate in education is always important if education systems are to be inclusive.

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  1. Discipline is a common issue within the schools and this has to be properly regulated ensuring a consistency school discipline across the country.
  2. Inclusive - marginalized and students with special needs
  3. Assessment - like external examinations
  4. Curriculum - for each year level
  5. Enrollment and age
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In Kiribati, there is an Education Act to regulate a compulsory education for all children at the official ages from Primary to Senior Secondary levels and also Educational Policies have already put in place like Free Education Policy and Inclusive Educational Policy to ensure that all children are access to equitable and quality education. However, the out of school children in Kiribati according to the MICS-EAGLE Fact Sheet Report (2021) is still happening where there were 517 out of school children at Primary Schools, 659 children in the Junior Secondary Schools and with 3095 out of school children at the Senior Secondary Schools.

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This is very interesting Toaiauea. If this is the case then I would think

  • there is a need to revise the Act or
  • to find ways to reinforce that Act
  1. Official school going age
  2. Funding of public education

In my country one of the education policy is Leave no child behind. And we have this tuition fee free policy where every child has a right to be educated regardless of their age.

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Everybody should be given the right to education regardless of their age and special needs.


In Fiji there is a Act where all children on the age 5 above until 18 are supposed to be in school that is on the other hand education is compulsory but on some case due to some family living standard some children cannot attend school and they were being force to work from that early age so that they can support the family.One of the main educational policies that need to be regulated by policies is that parents are to be taken to task if their children are not attending school because at some points some parents are just too lazy to go and look for employment rather they force their children to go and look for job making them to miss school.

Exactly i second this recommendation that this should one things the government of any country should consider.

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If that is the case, there is an ‘Universal Law’ that protects the rights of the child, perhaps reinforcement needed, and if there is a policy put in place that stressed well the roles and responsibilities of parents to support the education of their children, if parents are not comply with the Policy, it should be clearly stated in that policy that parents will receive a penalty or face them in court.


Technology should be used more often when teaching and learning. Considering schools in the rural areas, there is a need to upgrade to modern technology. Even the senior secondary schools in the rural areas do not have enough computers for instance to teach the basic skills in computing. The students from these schools are struggling nowadays in the upper levels of education. This is the problem I think and this is where policy intervention is needed.

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Hi there,

Looking at Kiribati Education system, the government puts more effort on school but still there are issues that need attention so to name a few, this includes.

  • school transport and school resources, still they are not enough.

One of the problems in the Kiribati Education System especially for the primary level is the selection (or confirmation) of head teachers for schools. Unlike in the Junior and Senior secondary schools where Principals are selected through the screening tests and interviews, the selection of head teachers in primary schools seemed to be anonymously carried out by secretive education officials. Some even claim that there is no proper procedure for promotions to the head teacher post. As a result, the selection of new head teachers from time to time has been perceived by many teachers as being unfair. This feeling of unfairness may lead to the teachers’ frustrations and de-motivations in their work which can have negative impacts on the overall education system .

To address this issue, I believe a policy for the recruitment of head teachers for primary schools must be formulated and implemented. I believe that with such policy the teachers perception on the selection procedure for headteachers will be made positive and motivates them to work competently among themselves. Overall the policy could have a positive impact on education in Kiribati.


I believe the police force must be involved in the enforcement of the Education Act. Their involvement can increase the students’ attendance in schools and alleviates the number of out of school children that you mention.

  1. Funding this is one of the major issues that need to be regulated because some parents need support and assistance in funding their children education for their future and also for a country future.
  2. Students Disciplinary this is also need to be regulated so that every students should put on their best behavior inside the classroom and amongst other students in order to avoid bullying.
    3.Teachers salaries this is also need to be regulated so that every teachers should be paid with the same amount.

same as here in Samoa this is also should be put in considerate

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I agree Tiare, that is one of the benefits of policy, it gives procedures that make make processes transparent and consistent.

There are several areas in my country Nigeria that needs proper policy formulation and execution as it relates to education

  1. Funding: Government should draft a policy that will properly regulate the cost of education. Presently, there are difference, wide and indiscriminate cost of schooling. This should be address through policy

  2. Harmonization of Resumption, closure and vacation of schools: this is peculiar to the primary schools. A situation were section of pupils will be on midterm break and the others will be in school thereby creating so much confusion on exact time to expect pupils at home is something i feel the government should address through policy.

  3. Out of school children: A policy should be formulated to capture out of school children and compel parents of such kids to bring their children for former learning

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I strongly agree with your highlighted points especially in the area of salaries of teachers. Government should formulate policy that will see to the improved salaries of teachers