QA4ODFL1 (PAC) - Regulating educational issues

well elaborated. Thank you for sharing.

i totally agree with what you indicated.

monitoring of curriculum for schools as well as funding for government schools should be prioritised

One of the main issues in education that requires regulation by policy is Access to education. A clearly defined policy on access to education will ensure opportunities for every citizen to access education and be empowered with knowledge and skills.

Very good point Tiare, and i agree with you 100%. in addition to your point, the Language policy especially in the TVET sector would be of great benefit. In the Zambian TEVET system, we have lower qualification which have an open entry tag. at this level of qualification, the main focus is to equip the learner with a skill to enable them to be productive in society. The open entry tag entails that even people who cant read and right can still acquire a skill in carpentry, bricklaying welding etc. now most of such candidates are unable to communicate in official language (English) and so its allowed to give them learning and assessment instructions in a language they are conversant with.

educational issues that need to be regulated by policy include,

  1. trainers qualifications in relation to level of training;
  2. number of students to be handled by each trainer of lecturer
  3. suitability of training /learning infrastructure with the programs / courses or subjects offered.

i see the combination of regulation at school level i.e discipline at school level and the need for, and the need for escalation at national level.

Educational issues that need to be regulated by policy include; assessment and certification of learners, curriculum, funding of education and quality assurance of the education system.

Regulating educational issues

Examples of regulating educational issues include setting curriculum standards, adjusting teacher certification requirements, establishing school funding formulas, implementing standardized testing policies, and creating guidelines for student behavior and discipline.