QA4ODFL2 Bot feedback

The QA4ODFL Prototype Bot is intended to assist you with course-related queries. Your feedback is invaluable in helping the Commonwealth of Learning to refine and enhance its capabilities. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on your experience with the Bot., for example:

  • How easy was it to interact with the QA4ODFL Bot?
  • Were you able to get the information you needed from the Bot?
  • Did you encounter any difficulties while using the Bot? If yes, please describe.
  • Were the Bot’s responses accurate and relevant to your queries?
  • Were there instances where the Bot misunderstood your questions? If so, please provide examples.
  • Please share any additional comments or suggestions about your overall experience.

For more information on the CourseBot, please visit the course site.

It was very easy and the answer to my questions was given in a very short time. Very accurate too as long as it was based on the course we are learning. Bot could not answer one of my questions as I based it on a personal situation. It asked me to asked something regarding the course.
I think this is wonderful platform as it clarifies or further explains our queries.

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I think the Bot is helpful as it clarifies issues . It gives information required.

It was very easy indeed. It gives real time feedback. It is very ideal for assessment as learning

I was apple to get the information I needed

I encounter a problem. I asked a question and I was told to specify the course where the content of my question was covered. The bot limits one to the course content. I wouldn’t see this on as a limitation though.

It was easy to use and it responded immediately accurately to the question I asked.

It was very easy and helpful a lot .

Excellent!!! No objections here. Phrase your questions well, you will get clear answers back.

It was quite easy to to interact with Bot.
I got accurate responses from Bots and I didn’t encounter any difficulty

Very easy to use without difficulties. The respond to the question asked is accurate and answered on the spot. This is very helpful thanks.

Very helpful indeed :heart:. The feedbacks helps me to commit a lot since there was a lot of commitments in school but I managed to take the pressure and continue with the class.

Very easy and user friendly it was.

It was very helpful as a result it provided timely feedback and at the same time it was very easy to use.

It was very helpful as i got timely feedback

It is easy to use, this provides quick and timely feed back to queries.