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Please post any course specific questions and contributions for the Quality Assurance for open, distance and flexible learning - Part 2 (QA4ODFL2) micro course by clicking on the reply button below.


The inaugural offering of Part 2 of the Quality Assurance for Open, Distance, and Flexible Learning commences on 16 October 2023. You can register online to participate in the October cohort.


I’m also looking forward to seeing some activity in this forum on the topic! Exciting times.


Can the course this kind (online) use phone? Or laptop/computer alone the best and only possible means?? Is there major disadvantage of using phone alone to consider as the alternative device to use? You have no alternative where power (240watts) is not possible.

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Hi @bkabuatioer

You can access all the course materials and interactions for this course using a smart phone. (You may incur data charges if you are not connected to a free WiFi connection.)

However, when preparing longer form responses on the forum site, you may find it easier typing on a full key board.

Good luck with your studies and I hope you enjoy the course!


Great to see Part 2 of QA4ODFL2 going live this morning. Hope everyone enjoys the course.


This is indeed an opportunity to improve my skills for.quality I’m online teaching environment.


can’t wait to go through this course so that my knowledge and experience on this area will be improved.

I participated in part part 1 but never got certificate. I might have missed a set. I wish it will not happen again this time round. What can I do to complete part 1 and get my certificate.

Hello sir, where can I get the enrollment key for this use unit?

I’m not able to answer the last forum question and there are no courses available on my moodle.

Your help will be highly appreciated.



Open, distance, and flexible learning are educational approaches that leverage technology to provide learners with opportunities for self-directed study outside of traditional classroom settings. These approaches offer greater accessibility, flexibility, and personalization in education.

Dear @ashikkapoor

All the information you need is published on the course website. You will find the enrolment key on this page:

happy to be part of this learning to expand my knowledge on open, distance and flexible learning.

Hello Sir
Where can I get the enrolment key to post answers.
Iam not able to answer the the course assignment questions.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

hello sir,
Iam having trouble on using this platform.where can i post my answer from activity 1-6?

Hi …
Im having difficulty as well.I want to post my activity 1-6 feeback.

Thank you

I’m to good excited for this course and looking forward for some exciting activities.

Looking forward to more activities in this forum :slight_smile:

As I responded in an previous reply in this forum, previous reply in this forum, you will find the enrolment key published on the course site here:

Good luck!

what is the enrollment key for these courses. I wanted to post something on Moodle, but I cannot do it.